We manufacture a wide range of Edge Protection Elements: Safety Posts, Guardrails, Foot Posts and other accessories, which allow us to configure a Temporary Edge Protection System perfectly adapted to your needs.

Our Temporary Edge Protection Elements are manufactured according to European Standard EN 13374.

We offer various Telescopic System Posts:
  • FR Post.
  • Temporary Guardrail Window.
  • Multi-position Clamps that allow vertical and horizontal operation.

We also have different models of Anchor Posts:

  • “40/40”, “40/25”, “40” Post’s models.
  • Foot Post: we manufacture two different models: our Wall Foot Post, designed to work with walls, and our Floor Foot Post, for operating on flat surfaces.
  • Accessories: capsule anchors and protective cap.

Our certified Guardrails can be used with all our Temporary Edge Protection Systems and ensure safety at all times

  • Guardrail 2500
  • Guardrail S