In this post we will show you the great versatility of our MEKA 48 scaffolding system, for the realization of a ramp 14.5 m long, 4.5 m wide and 1.2 m high, with an inclination of 10º.

Ramp with an inclination of 10ºMEKA 48 scaffolding system

¿How we design this system to reach the required values?

  • With a correct arrangement of the double truss ledgers and truss ledgers.
  • With the increase of its carrying capacity, by adding support points.
  • With the improvement of the distribution of the load, applying intermediate support points to the structure MEKA 48. We cover the entire surface of the plates, fixing directly on the planks.

The structure is secured by guardrail. In addition, the wood bases located on the screw jack bases guarantee a correct transmission of force.

Rampa MEKA48 3D

Do not hesitate to contact us for any design of ramps or scaffolding structures, our technical department will provide you with the best option, fully adapted to your needs.