Themarca N MEKA48 Modular Scaffolding MEKA 48 is designed to adapt to the most complex scaffold structures. Its versatility offers a wide range of uses, a significant load-bearing capacity and unparalleled quick assembly of all its components. Incorporates a safety rail.

The Modular Scaffolding MEKA 48 is based on a system of vertical pipes with rosettes allowing up to 8 connections where the horizontal and the diagonal pipes connect, and enable different angles to be made every 50 cm.

The Modular Scaffolding MEKA 48 is manufactured according to European standards:

  • EN 12810
  • EN 12811


Technical specifications: Steel tube ø 48.3 mm. Grade St-44. All components are hot dip galvanized with a minimum thickness of 75 microns according to the European Standard EN 1461.