Quality as the basis of our Products

DACAME is synonymous with quality and safety, which means constant investment in Research and Development to ensure that all our products are manufactured according to European Standards and are adapted to new market demands.

In order to adapt to the market’s demands, our R&D department invests in new products and offers you a very competitive service. Our quality system is based on the control and exhaustive analysis of all our manufacturing processes. In 2004, we received the Quality Certificate ISO-9001, followed by AENOR N certifications for our Modular MEKA 48 and European Frame Scaffolding DINO 48, our Façade Scaffolding DUO 45 and our Temporary Edge Protection Systems. Following the same Quality Policy, our range of Construction Equipment is guaranteed for CE Marking (where applicable).

All our Certified Products are regularly verified by their respective inspection bodies, in accordance with current regulations.

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