The Temporary Edge Protection Systems are designed in accordance with current regulations and guarantee safety in building construction at all times.

Our Temporary Edge Protection Systems are manufactured to European Standard EN 13374.

We manufacture a wide range of Edge Protection Elements: Safety Posts, Guardrails, Foot Posts and other accessories, which allow us to configure a Temporary Edge Protection System perfectly adapted to your needs.

We offer various Telescopic System Posts:

  • FR Post.
  • B35 Post, with N from AENOR Certified, and its Temporary Edge Protection System, also Certified by AENOR (Certificate No. 44/000030).
  • Temporary Guardrail Window.
  • Multi-position Clamps that allow vertical and horizontal operation.

We also have different models of Anchor Posts:

  • “40/40”, “40/25”, “40” Post’s models.
  • E1200 main System with N from AENOR  (Certificate No. 44/000035).
  • E1150-14 main System with N from AENOR  (Certificate No. 44/000034).
  • Foot Post: we manufacture two different models: our Wall Foot Post, designed for work with walls, and our Floor Foot Post, for operating on flat surfaces.
  • Accessories: capsule anchors and protective cap.

To guarantee protection when constructing a wall or similar, we have designed (in accordance with European Standards) the Temporary Edge Protection System based on the assembly of its Vertical Safety Posts:

  • Vertical Safety Post with different measurements, combined with different types of supports.
  • Side Brackets for walls, plus accessories. Using rods in the assembly process helps save time.
  • Temporary Roofing Post, designed for working on roofs and sloping surfaces.

Our certified Guardrails can be used with all our Temporary Edge Protection Systems and ensure safety at all times.

  • Guardrail 2500
  • Guardrail S